Love Notes To My Future Husband

I love your blog

Your blog is amazing. It’s inspired me to start writing my own notes to my future husband. I hope your future husband will cherish these notes once he finds you!

laisper asked: Yup. I'm crying. These posts are all so very beautiful :). It seems like you know love for what it is, not what it is percieved to be. Thank you for being one in a million in that perfect aspect. Sincerely, Me :).

Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to be encouraged to be truthful and honest, even if it doesn’t always look pretty. I guess that’s love for ya! :)

just---justbehere asked: Hi. I'm a guy and I read all of these. They are amazing and some of the things that I want my future wife to say to me one day. Whoever you husband is one day I hope he goes through all of these and truly reads them!! I bet it will mean the absolute world to him. Keep posting. :) I hope he is worth the waiting. I bet he is out looking for you right now. <3

Woohoo! Way to represent for the guys. Thank you so much! I’ll keep posting, and I hope you keep reading!